►Shanghai is the largest economic center in China with 24 million permanent residents. Its consumption of meat ranks the top three nationwide.
►Shanghai is the typical urban market of liquid milk with highest maturity of fresh products. Consumer’s awareness of drinking milk and fresh-keeping in Shanghai is leading the country. Besides, the city’s dairy product ranks among the highest in China in industry scale, price per ton and gross margin.Citizens in Shanghai consume cold drinks throughout the year.Sales of cold drinks reach 1.6 billion yuan, or 120,000 tons in 2013.
►At present, there are nearly 150 major foreign-funded supermarkets and 5,000 convenience stores in Shanghai.
►Shanghai is one of the cities that have the largest and the most developed catering industry in China. In 2013, the revenue of catering business above designated size reached 44.73 billion yuan.
►The establishment of Shanghai Free Trade Zone (FTZ) in 2013 will have positive effect on foreign trade, finance, industries and the economy as a whole in Yangtze River Delta. Various preferential policies in the FTZ will inevitably cause siphonic effect, attracting more talents, capitals and information.