Construction of Cold Storage

Refrigeration systems and plantsComponents for refrigerating systems  and plantsCold stores, frozen food stores  and      accessories
Cold storage and freezer cellsInsulated doors of cold storagePUF panels
Lighting system & devicesContracting service for cold storage

Warehousing & Loading Technology

Warehousing technology&equipmentPackaging and ordering picking equipm-entMechanical handling equipment
Loading technologyIntralogistics – Systems and softwareSeries lifting equipment, forklifts

Transport Equipment & Technology of Refrigeration

Refrigerated trucks and vehiclesRefrigerated containersTransport refrigeration plants
Multi-clapboard refrigerated techologyChilling bags ice bags frozen packagingVehicle refrigerator
Accumulated cooling boxesRegenerator materials

Freezing and Stored Equipment

Commercial cold-storage cabinetsQuick frozen equipmentsVacuum cooler
Ice machine
Pharmacy refrigerator and cabinetsRefrigeration accessories

System & Materials of Insulation

Intelligent temperature controlRemote monitor and controlPipes & pipe connectors
Humidification & dehumidification techn-ologySealing materialsInsulation materials

Logestics for Cold Chain

Logestics for foodFood traceability systemPackaging solution for food
RFID readerInformation system of cold chainPharma logistics

Food Fresh Equipment

Controlled atmosphere technologyFresh-keeping cabinetsFood display cabinets
Freshness PacketsPreservative filmPreservation reagents
Food storage technology


Cold storage rentalCold chain business zoneData loggers & low-temperature instru-ments
Labor protective clothesCleaning equipmentsCold chain consulting service
Testing, certification and trainingInvestment solution